Saturday, 18 May 2013

Regular Maths Practice Makes Difference

There are two aspects of Maths Learning - Understanding and Logical application of concepts learned. It is even true for primary class mathematics. We generally don't give much weightage to primary maths learning. Children learns concepts in school and do some practice in class itself. Most of the times, they understand and learned the concepts in school but if they will not do sufficient practice after that they will forget it fast. 

To master math concepts so that the understanding will last forever, children have to do a lot of practice periodically. There are two constraints faced by parents in this approach - Practice questions availability and daily scheduling of learning

School books have limited questions for practice and children don't sit and practice regularly. Both these problems are solved by Learnoid by making math lessons interesting and game based math practice exercises. A lot of practice exercises have been developed and included in Learnoid to master each math concepts. 

So, Learnoid can be your Child's companion for after school learning requirements. Lets make a trial of it at

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