Saturday, 18 May 2013

Maths Benchmarking in Learnoid

Dear Parents,

We have children registered in Learnoid from different schools. Learnoid provides a platform for benchmarking your child's performance and understanding of math concepts. In today's competitive learning environment, benchmarking is very important as different schools have different teaching methods and peer group of students. For example, a child performing best in his/her class in School A when compete with students of same Class of School B, he may not be best and stood within some top 10 ranks. This factor is not visible or prominent in primary classes but will be clearly distinguished when they perform in Board Exams or All India level exams. When child do exercises in Learnoid, we benchmark each child's performance and rank them irrespective of school which will help parent's in understanding their child's ability of doing maths. So register your child on Learnoid and let them compete in a bigger group than school.

Wishing your child fun learning through Learnoid.

(Learnoid Team)

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