Saturday, 18 May 2013

Let Your Child Learn Maths Differently

Lets put our best efforts together to make maths learning interesting for your child and let your child be outstanding in the Class. The early formative years play a very important role in child learning. Some of the concepts learned during these years will remain throughout the life. If we learned counting on fingers in our childhood, we are still habitual of doing the same. I recall, most of us are still doing multiplication by repeating tables in hindi or our own language. All these practices continue the way we learned the concepts. Thats why we realized the importance of maths learning and give your child a unique opportunity to learn the same differently through Learnoid. To excel in a subject like maths it is not just sufficient to know the concept but how quickly you can do it. Time is very important. Through game based exercises, we tried to implement the same in daily practice problems.

Give your child a unique opportunity to learn maths differently by subscribing Starter Pack as it will cover current ongoing learning in new class of your child.

Wishing your child a happy & interesting Maths Learning

(Learnoid Team)

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