Saturday, 18 May 2013

Learnoid Keep your Child Ahead of Others in Mathematics

Dear Parents,

Certain features of Learnoid keep your child ahead of other in Mathematics. We have implemented innovative methods to address complete need of Maths learning at Home. Following are key features implemented in Learnoid:

1) Daily 2-3 small lessons along with 15-20 exercises: This makes habit of child to learn maths periodically. Learnoid only engages child for 15-20 minutes daily so it will not make them sitting in front of computer for a long time. Once a particular day lesson completed, next learning will only be available next day.

2) Practice Worksheets: Learnoid provide practice worksheets with solution in Parent's dashboard. These worksheets can be downloaded in pdf form and can be given to child for practice after taking print. These worksheets are designed to be attempted 1 per week. With worksheets Child will get familiar with question to be attempted in School after online learning.

3) Topic wise performance evaluation: Learnoid breaks the complete course in discrete topics to evaluate Child's understanding in each topic. This performance is displayed in Parent's dashboard and used by the system to plan next lessons. Learnoid presents more practice exercises and lessons on the topics child is not able to perform as per your expectations.

4) Benchmarking: Learnoid evaluates all children on the same level and assign Rank. This take care of differences in teaching and evaluation methods adopted by different schools. You can find your child Ranked in a common pool of Children from mix of all schools reflecting actual level of understanding. Such benchmarking is more helpful to parents in this competitive environment. We display first 5 Ranks in each Class on our website's first page as Learnoid Math Masters. Let your child name be there in the list to make you feel proud.

5) Improves memory, logical reasoning, and Speed: Learnoid exercises are designed innovatively in a game like environment to improve memory, logical reasoning, and speed of thinking mentally and attempting maths questions.

So, don't miss this unique opportunity ! Register your child today at Learnoid and let him/her remain ahead of others in Mathematics. Learnoid Starter Pack has already started from 1st April 2013 so 6 lessons are already learned. Children who have registered early are already ahead so don't let your child miss more lessons and exercises and let him take the same pace to compete and prove him/her self.

It is our effort to keep your child ahead of others in Mathematics !

(Learnoid Team)

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