Saturday, 18 May 2013

Learnoid - How to use in New Session?

New Session in all schools are started now and children stepped into their new classes. We always want our children to excel in all subjects in all 3 steps of evaluation in the class. Math is one subject which require firm foundation in your child's mind and it can be learned only step by step and regularly. Though primary class math looks simple but these basic concepts learned and mastered thoroughly in primary class will remain there till their higher education.

Learnoid has developed complete online course for Mastering Maths by learning 15-20 minutes daily in the form of small lessons and doing practice exercises. The complete class syllabus is divided into 4 packages - STARTER, STEP-1, STEP-2, and STEP-3. Learnoid STARTER covers the previous class revision and one month learning (April 2013). So its time to make your child start learning Maths from the beginning of the session and step by step he/she will learn and master all basic concepts and do lot of practice to excel in all evaluations in school.

Learnoid STARTER Packs for Class 1 to 5 are now available on our website For each class it covers certain number of lessons and practice exercises in the form of interesting animated games and 6 practice worksheets. Following are the content of Learnoid STARTER packs:

Class-1: 39 Lessons, 450 Exercises, 6 Worksheets
Class-2: 36 Lessons, 715 Exercises, 6 Worksheets
Class-3: 56 Lessons, 575 Exercises, 6 Worksheets
Class-4: 36 Lessons, 540 Exercises, 6 Worksheets
Class-5: 58 Lessons, 835 Exercises, 6 Worksheets

This all available in just Rs. 150. The price has been kept very low to make it accessible to all people and to prove good education is still within your control. So grab this opportunity for your child and let him/her start learning Maths from today as The Starter courses are for 2 months only and time has already started from 1st April 2013. Many Children have already started it to keep pace with their learning at School, So its your time to Gift your Child a nice learning environment for Maths. Grab it Today !

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Wishing your child fun learning !

(Learnoid Team)

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